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Monday, September 16, 2013

Swell EP: ARMS - EP2 [indie rock / indie pop]

ARMS is the solo project of Todd Goldstein, a Brooklyn musician and songwriter known for his guitar work with the now-defunct indie poppers Harlem Shakes, but more recently, for his excellent 2011 ARMS album Summer Skills, which was recorded with a full band and happens to be one of my favorite albums released in recent years. Since hearing my first ARMS song a few years ago, I can't help but liken Goldstein's voice to a melodramatic, singy version of the matter-of-fact vocal delivery of WHY?'s Yoni Wolf, which is definitely a good thing.

On EP2, along with his alluring voice, artful guitar strumming and wistful keyboarding, Goldstein crafts powerfully captivating (lyrically and musically) indie rock songs with the help of his drummer friend Tiacael Esparza. By scattering catchy guitar hooks and flourishes over the EP's five-song-span of melancholic melodies and Esparza's solid drum framework, Goldstein sets the stirring backdrop over which to lay his lavish labyrinth of lyrics, creating a complex web of sounds worth getting tangled up in, time and time again.

Stream the entire EP (out now on Paper Garden Records) below and follow the player's links to purchase digital and physical copies.

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