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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Artist Making Waves: Vensaire [pysch pop / indie folk / experimental]

Among all of the great bands and musicians that blossom out of Brooklyn and those that make the pilgrimage to "the center of the world" to join the scene, one band in particular stands out in this creative crowd—Vensaire. This colorful quintet, comprised of frontman Alex Laliberte, guitarist Robert Earl Thomas (one half of Widowspeak, which released holaOLA's No. 41 album of 2013), clasically-trained violinist Renata Zeiguer, bassist Hunter Hawes, and percussionist Alex Jacobs, draws from traditional Asian music, Western folk rock, and digital sampling to produce beautiful psychedelic folk compositions that sound like something that an Animal Collective/Grizzly Bear/Prince Rama collaboration would birth.

Vensaire already has a self-titled EP under their belt, for which each member wrote his/her own song for the rest of the band to elaborate upon and record. This collective approach to songwriting and recording clearly illustrates the band's desire to allow each member's style and influences to shine through in their music, not to mention it has a pretty excellent outcome.

On April 15 they will release their full-length concept album entitled Perdix, which is based on Homer's Odyssey and inspired by Audubon bird paintings. For now, enjoy the first two singles from Perdix and stream the entire Vensaire EP  below.

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