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Sunday, January 10, 2016

holaOLA's 60 Favorite Albums of 2015

The latter half of 2015 was very hectic for me, a time filled with cross-country and transatlantic relocating, working 72-hour weeks, spending months without WiFi, and my personal favorite, job hunting. Unfortunately, this resulted in less music discovery and fewer blog posts. But seeing as it's a new year, I like to tell myself that most of that is behind me and that 2016 will bring a little more stability in my life, and thus, more activity here on holaOLA Indie Music Blog.

Whatever the case may be, 2015 was a great year for music (much like 2014 and 2013) and compiling a list of my favorite albums is always the best way for me to recall all the music and artists that had a considerable impact on my life throughout the year. It's also not a bad way to introduce some great music to you all that you may have otherwise missed out on. On this end-of-the-year list, you will not find the "best" albums of the year, but rather a list of records that I personally fell in love with and couldn't stop listening to.

You can access holaOLA's 60 Favorite Albums of 2015 list by scrolling down or navigating the links below, but if you're in a hurry or have a limited internet connection, click here for the simple-and-to-the-point artwork-and-music-free list. Also be sure to check out holaOLA's Spotify playlist featuring music from the albums that made the cut.

Thanks a million for visiting holaOLA Indie Music Blog and please follow me on Facebook to be notified of future posts! May 2016 be a great year for music and for you!


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